torsdag, augusti 10, 2006

No news there...

You Are Oscar the Grouch
Grumpy and grouchy, you aren't just pessimistic. You revel in your pessimism.
You are usually feeling: Unhappy. Unless it's rainy outside, and even then you know the foul weather won't last.
You are famous for: Being mean yet loveable. And you hate the loveable part.
How you life your life: As a slob. But it's not repelling as many people as you'd like!


Blogger The Pale Green Woman said...

Jamen du är en rar slob :-)

12:01 fm  
Blogger S-Man said...

Me like Slob's...


2:50 fm  
Blogger Ina said...

Var hittade du det där testet?

2:21 em  
Blogger Andreas said...

ina: jag har inte tagit bort länken, så går du via mig så hittar du till det..

5:02 em  
Blogger Svala said...

Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av bloggadministratören.

12:45 fm  
Blogger Svala said...

Den där sloben är mycket älskvärd i sitt utseende.

12:55 fm  

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